bx51 (2006)




  bx51 - brand new studio version by natacha diels 2008
  This piece is named after the Olympus BX51 microscope, and is dedicated to Natacha Diels who commissioned this piece and premiered it in Berlin, September 2006. The form is that of an isorhythm inverting its parts at the halfway mark of the piece. Each half is one page in duration. The first page consists of two themes/phrases of different lengths as first stated in the first two systems, each ending is marked with a caesura. The fingering phrase is one system in length, approximately 14 beats, and the embouchure phrase is approximately one and 1/5 system long, or 17 beats. Through-out the first page, the embouchure phrase repeats verbatim making a diagonal line of caesuras down the page, while the fingering phrase is broken into smaller fragments which are re-assembled freely while keeping the one phrase per system scheme, the caesuras for the fingering phrase are aligned vertically down the right side of the page. On the second page the method of variation reverses, the fingering repeating verbatim (but stretched rhythmically) and the embouchure freely fragmented and re-assembled - extending and contracting following the implication of the materials. The piece has been performed both with and without amplification.  
  instrumentation: solo flute
duration: ca. 7'
score: available on request
  rama gottfried - bx51 excerpt