e80i (2007)




e80i.3 - recorded by ensemble pamplemousse, nyc, 2007

E80i is named after the Nikon E80i microscope and is dedicated to the memory of Sol LeWitt whose serial grid art was the inspiration for the structural approach to this and other recent pieces of mine. This piece is the second in a development of the concepts that I began in BX51 for solo flute, in which the fingering or pitch mechanism is separated from the embouchure and sound activating and coloring techniques - here for the first time I am working to apply these ideas for an ensemble. As with BX51, there is a type of isorhythmic cycling between the embouchure or bowing/pizzicato phrasing and the phrases of pitch material. I found that the percussion sounds that I was using did not seem to work in this way, although there are two types of sounds that happen between the wobbling crotale (see percussion notes) and the bowing - these sounds do not influence each-other in the same way that typically melodic instruments do. With the piccolo and violin, tones are produced by two distinct actions which combine to create a combined result - this interplay of ideas I find very rich with possibilities.

The charts to the right depict the organization of materials and interplay used in the piece. The first grid divides each system into three units and shows the unfolding of short notes and long notes, and the smaller grid divides each system into two and shows the interplay between the instruments. The embouchure, bowing, and percussion phrases follows the pattern of interplay shown here (i.e. dividing the system into 2 parts there are 4 possibilities: a/a, a/b, b/a, b/b and these parts repeat verbatim in the embouchure, bowing an percussion parts). As an over layer of progression, in e80i.2 I intuitively pasted white spaces on to a blank score forming a type of arch to the density of the piece, and then re-composed the piece into the remaining spaces. The Fender Rhodes part was added in e80i.3.

rama gottfried e80i motivic grid rama gottfried e80i alignment grid
Three different versions exist for e80i:
e80i.1 ::
instrumentation: amplified piccolo, violin & percussion
duration: ca. 7'
score: available on request
e80i.2 ::
instrumentation: amplified piccolo, violin & percussion
duration: ca. 15'
score: available on request
e80i.3 ::
instrumentation: amplified piccolo, violin, percussion & fender rhodes
duration: ca. 20'
score: available on request