scenes from the plastisphere (2018)
for video-puppetry-instrument

apophänie (2016/17)
for video-puppetry-instrument

speckle (2016)
for amplified trumpet, trombone, violin, and percussion

spark (2015)
for solo piano/wacom-tablet/transducer/feedback instrument

flint (2014)
for amplified ensemble and electronics

fluoresce (2012)
for amplified violoncello, Wave Field Synthesis and Higher Order Ambisonics

spindle (2012)
for acoustic guitar and amplification

prototype 1,2011 (2011/2015)
for bowed multitouch-tablet-transducer-cello instrument and percussion

nest (2009)
for amplified piccolo, violin, cello, toy piano and computer

twelve interruptions (2009)
for amplified piccolo, violin, cello, piano, toy piano, and percussion

one roll for two music boxes (2009)
for modified music boxes and two performers

langenscheidt euro-edition dictionary teil A (2009)
for violin, voice and 683 flash cards

trinoc (2007)
for amplified acoustic guitar, accordion, and tenor saxophone

e80i (2007)
for amplified piccolo, violin, cello, percussion and fender rhodes

bx51 (2006)
for solo amplified flute

envelopes for orchestra (2006)
(for orchestra)

transparencies (2005)
for flute, trombone, violin, cello, percussion and electronics

death of samo©™ (2005)
for trombone quartet

elemental etudes (2004)
for string quartet and percussion

rama gottfried - one roll for two music boxes