recording by ensemble pamplemousse

natacha diels, piccolo; kiku enomoto, violin;
jessie marino, cello; dave broome, toy piano and electronics

carrier records, RAANA JEDAKU , 2012

ensemble pamplemousse performing nest at the 2009 MATA festival
nest (2009)
amplified piccolo, violin, violoncello, toy piano and electronics

"I found a nest in the skeleton of the ivy" - Yvan Goll, quoted in the opening of the chapter "nests" in Bachelard's "The Poetics of Space"

Just as I was finishing the piece, I stumbled on this copy of Gaston Bachelard's "The Poetics of Space". It turned out that the only chapter included in the .pdf was chapter 4, entitled "nests". When I saw the word, all in helvetica lowercase, with the hazy gradient of grey near the spine of the inner pages from the xerox machine, something clicked. In the newly finished draft of the piece the scratchy pencil marks seemed to form straw like patterns, and the short grains of electronics I heard to be flittering birds' wings or brittle strands quietly being crushed under their weight. And quite literally, the piece is technically constructed out of nested repeat signs. One repeat begins, with another inside it, with another inside that, and so on - each instrument playing at their own rate, so that the material is woven circularly around the center point. The various elements of timbre are woven around each other throughout the piece, occasionally coming to rest in one sound, focusing - and then continuing around the the spindled form.


nest (2009)

notation example, see full score for details