trinoc (2007)




trinoc - performed by wet ink ensemble - (kobe van cauwenberghe guitar, eliot gattegno saxophone, eric wubbles accordion)


The name Trinoc refers to the trinoc head of a modern microscope. The light path travels through the slide, and then through the objective lens where the image is magnified and directed into the trinoc which reflects the light into the eyepieces, and/or out a phototube to a camera. The theme of the microscope has reoccurred frequently in my recent work, due to my exposure to microscopes as a child and my interest in the poetic forms of natural structures and the artificial scientific methods which allow us to see, and in this case, hear them.

Continuing the ideas begun BX51 and E80i (both models of microscopes, Olympus and Nikon respectively), Trinoc works with opposing layers of activity which fuse through the integration of performance. In both the guitar and saxophone parts, the fingering is treated spatially while the articulating element (the embouchure and the plucking hand of the guitar) is notated in metric coordination with the rest of the ensemble. The accordion is treated as a unified instrument with only the air valve acting as a perforation.

Formally, like looking at a slide of biological tissue, the measures have a general similarity - but are continually reorganized. Over a gamut of reforming measure sequences, a macrorhythm of larger scale envelopes is superimposed, made of events and non-events (inverted versions of the event envelopes, leading to a moment of silence instead of an attack).

The difference and sum tones of the saxophone multiphonics create the pitch material for the other instruments. Each system has the same cycle of 18 multiphonics (which are literally a chronological excerption of the tenor saxophone close position diads from Daniel Kientzy's, Les Sons Multiples Aux Saxophones). The guitar line is made up of 16 notes played (all but one) on the "wrong side" of the fret, these are microtones found between the finger and the nut, with the bridge side of the string muted almost the entire time.

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instrumentation: amplified tenor saxophone, guitar & accordion
duration: ca. 4.5'
score: available from edition nova vita --> link